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JabberGroups Pricing Structure

JabberGroups is a subscription-based service. Your first 30-days are FREE, allowing you to test drive the service and see if it meets your needs. Then, the below pricing structure comes into play.


Small Group Up to 50 Contacts $2.99/month
Medium Group Up to 100 Contacts $5.99/month
Large Group Up to 300 Contacts $10.99/month


Do you have a group larger than 1,000? Please contact us directly at sales@jabbergroups.com for a custom quote.


Unlimited Text Messages to GroupsAdd Text Messaging To Your Plan!

The JabberGroups Text Message add-on gives you unlimited access to our text messaging service. That means you can send as many text messages as you'd like to your groups of contacts! It is an add-on that you will definately want to have! The costs to add unlimited text messaging to your groups are:

  • Small Group $10/month ($12.99/month total)
  • Medium Group $20/month ($25.99/month total)
  • Large Group $30/month ($40.99/month total)