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JabberGroups Features

Here are a few things that you will be able to do with JabberGroups.com

  • Add contacts and sort them into various sub-groups
  • Keep track of everybody's contact information
  • Add custom fields to meet your specific needs (need to keep track of your people's food allergies?)
  • Upload profile photos to your contacts
  • Quickly email everybody or just selected groups
  • Send Text messages to your contacts
  • Create Group events and track attendance.
  • Associate unlimited notes with individual contacts.
  • Export data for use on your PC.
  • Capture Preregistration information for your events JabberGroups allows you to record and track students who have signed up in advance to attend an event.
  • Track Money. JabberGroups lets you record the receipt of money from your contacts.

And that's just a start. JabberGroups will grow and improve to meet YOUR (and my!) specific needs.


For more information, please email sales@jabbergroups.com