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JabberGroups Now Has Family Associations

JabberGroups Now Has Family Associations

JabberGroups has released a new feature that allows you to keep track of your families!

With JabberGroups, you can now create family records and bring existing contacts into them. It's very easy to do...

1) First, make sure you have your individual contacts entered into your JabberGroups account (son, daughter, mom, dad, etc)

2) Click the "Family" tab to access the new Family function.

3) Click "Add New Family" and give your family a name of your choice (The Smiths, Jon and Sandy Smith Family, Smith Household, etc). You can optionally enter in address, phone and email information for the family.

4) Now, click the "Manage Your Families" link. Here you will simply select your family name from the drop-down menu and then move existing contacts into the family.

That's it! Now, you will always know that little Billy belongs to the Smith Family! 

Posted: 2010-01-13