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Data Export & Printing Functions

Data Export & Printing Functions

We have just opened up the Data Export section of JabberGroups. This is the section that you will visit when you need to printing mailing labels or export data to your PC.

Currently we offer 2 functions.

  • Print Mailing Labels. This is a quick and easy way to generate mailing labels for either your full group or a select group. It will instantly generate a PDF formatted for Avery 5150 labels.
  • Export. Use this function to simply export all of your contact information out of JabberGroups. It creates a CSV file (Comma Seperated Values), which can be easily brought into MS Excel or even used for a mail merge with Word.

We will be adding an attendance sheet and a few other common forms soon. 

Got any suggestions? Email us at sales@jabbergroups.com to share.

Posted: 2009-05-12