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JabberGroups is Coming to Life!

JabberGroups is Coming to Life!

We are so excited about the progress being made at JabberGroups.com!

What exactly is JabberGroups?  Simply, it is an online group management tool. Do you have a group? Then you can use JabberGroups to help you keep it all together.

A little bit of honesty here...I am developing JabberGroups from the ground up to help me organize a new ministry that I am involved in, Refuge Student Ministries. There ARE a couple good PC-based tools available for ministries right now -- and I've used them throughout the years. But today I need something that is web-based and very easy to use. And it is our hope that JabberGroups.com will be that tool!

JabberGroups.com will be more than just a ministry tool. We think that it can be utilized by sports teams, Boy Scout clubs, classrooms, school groups, and more. Anybody that needs to be able to keep track of a group of people will find JabberGroups to be very helpful.

Here are a few things that you will be able to do with JabberGroups.com

  • Add contacts and sort them into various sub-groups
  • Keep track of everybody's contact information
  • Add custom fields to meet your specific needs (need to keep track of your people's food allergies?)
  • Upload profile photos to your contacts
  • Quickly email everybody or just selected groups
  • Send Text messages to your contacts
  • Create Group events and track attendance.
  • Associate unlimited notes with individual contacts.
  • Export data for use on your PC.
And that's just a start. JabberGroups will grow and improve to meet YOUR (and my!) specific needs.

And, I think you will find the pricing will be just right. We will be launching this at a very affordable price of just $2.99 per month.

Thanks for checking us out. We hope that you will become a JabberGroupie soon!

Posted: 2009-04-22